“My family really love how evident it is that the School Team are dedicated to serving our community through their God driven Teaching ministry.” – Justin Rasmussen / Parent

“I’m truly touched to witness the ongoing genuine support provided to the students by SASDA. The staff do everything they can to help the students excel. There is a strong sense of intentionally living-out the school values of excellence, respect and family.” – Shane Harper / Chaplain

“It’s great to see that the same Adventist Values are still evident in this school especially since I was a student here many moons ago.” – Kalo Tali / Teacher

“As a parent of 2 children at the school what I value most is the Christian infused education they are receiving here. Affording them an even stronger foundation in the values and beliefs we know are most important for them at these early stages of their lives.” – Simon Hoete / Parent

“After living in Sydney Australia for the last 6 years I started to miss New Zealand a lot. My thoughts and heart belongs here at SASDA and I missed just being around friends and family. Since moving back, I have appreciated the value of whanau and what it means to me. SASDA will always have a special place for my family and I. We have a lot of amazing memories here and are truly grateful for the school’s love and support. We are so happy we made this decision to come back and can finally say ‘We are HOME.’” – Belinda Mataafa / Parent-Teacher

“Our class is a roller coaster ride as we are all thrill seekers each day we come to school.” – Rose Afoa / Teacher

“A sanctuary to grow and prune disciples for Jesus.” – Venitha Chetty / Teacher